2ne1's Falling in Love Teaser Images

A lot of these photos have been floating around vingle, but I thought I would look at them from a fashion's eye view because, well, 2ne1 is awesome. I love these photos. I think they are as calm, cool, and collected as 2ne1 is. These photos are not trying too hard: they still very much portray the attitude of 2ne1 while giving us something to look forward to. New hair to start: everyone seems to have completely new hair except for Minzy. And we all know as girls how important hair is. (Also I'll add that I think Bom's hair change is the best). It's a nice change of scene from their past looks, which were futuristic, hip hop, cyberpunk eighties... something like that. These are purposely and artistically stylistic shots which just adds to my favorite part of the whole thing: it's not cliché. When I first heard "Falling in Love" I thought, I am not listening to girls whining about falling in love. Not again. Never again. Please there must be more song writers can write about. Why has the music industry made women out to be these helpless falling in love machines? hfkshfaklhalkdjhfalhaksjfhksdfhskfsdf. So when I did see the photos, I was relieved. Perhaps they are not falling in love with somebody else. Maybe it is money, maybe it is fame, maybe gold chairs, maybe gold lions at every footstep, maybe... is that a gold robot on Minzy's table? The point is I hope that there is more to the single than meets the eye (ear?), and these stills have already suggested that there just might be. Ok and so I lied, this wasn't really about fashion but I always love what they wear and their attention to detail. Basically I wish I could have every piece of thick gold jewelry they are wearing and CL's chain ring. Oh and Dara's dress to wear. And everything else.

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