JB who is going through a tough time with his back injury surprised fans at the first day of GOT7S Fly concert assuring fans that he is okay that when he comes back he would come back stronger. The members bowed to the fans to assure them that their leader would be back stronger then ever. Jackson try to stop JB from bowing any any further with his back injury. However JB continue to bow deeper. I understand that JB is going through a hard time with his back. I just wish he would focus on his health just to make us fans at ease. And mean I understand how much he loves being with us fans, but it hurts just to see him suffer through this. JB please get better soon and stop making us all worry. http://www.soompi.com/2016/04/29/got7s-jb-moves-fans-to-tears-with-his-appearance-at-fly-in-seoul-concert/

I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol
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