CATS (The Musical) & Black Butler (Musical)

I loved the book, I've loved anything cat related my whole life I'm a huge cat person. They came to my hometown and my mother took me to see it and I instantly fell in love with the musical. So we bought the dvd...Of course my favorite cat is Rum Tum Tugger. I've had so many cats like that. Anyone else fallen in love with this musical or any other musicals?

I love Black Butler so when I found the musicals I fan girled hard, I was so happy and excited. I've watched them so many times. They've made a total of 3 so far, the first one is fully English subbed, I couldn't find the full length English subbed of The most beautiful Death in the World but I know it's somewhere I watched it. And I'm waiting for the third one to be subbed, but as I wait I"m learning Japanese so I don't have to or I'll sub it myself damn it. I have a goal. :)

I've been a fan girl all my life, and i'm the motherly type of fan girl I want to support and take care of the artists I respect and love all my artists. I love anime and Asian culture. I'm a shy person until I get comfortable and then I'm like the annoying never shut up child. I'm mature and immature at the same time. I love Kpop and J rock/pop and dramas.
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