Best friends Chapter 2: I like you


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You gave in for like half a second then pulled away. "Namjoon! Wh-what was that?!" You yelped, freaked out, blushing hardcore. "Ah- I'm sorry!" He said apologizing "I just felt like it was right.." You were still in shock "dude, oh my god, you realize that, that was my first kiss, right?!" "What??" Namjoon looked confused "I just gave you your first kiss?!" He started laughing "Stop it!! It's not funny!" You let out a small chuckle and pushed him playfully. After you two laughed it off, he put his arms around you again, shrugged, and kissed you again. "Joonie!" You moved your face away from his, but in able to get way from his grasp. "What??" He asked "do you not like it?" "N-no! .. I mean yes! I mean.. Ahh!" All of your thoughts were getting all jumbled up. "I did like it!" "Okay then" he said and he was leaning in for another "Hold up!" You yelled out and slid out of his arms "let me finish! I'm not gonna lie," you could feel your face burning from embarrassment now, "I did... Like it.. But I have to ask you something." You turned around as walked toward the old student desks. "What is it?" "Well, why?" You asked, giving him your back, "why did you kiss me?" There was a moment of silence, you wanted to turn around and see what was taking Namjoon so long to answer, but then "Because I like you" he whispered in your ear, as he pressed his chest up against your back, him wrapping his arms around your chest and torso, you feeling every inch of him from behind. "W-what?" You asked, not really knowing what to do "Yeah, I like you, I have, for about 6 years now, when we first became friends in middle school" he said very confidently, squeezing you closer to him. "Do you like me?" UUHHH YEAH!!! Is what you are thinking in your head but what came out of your mouth was "u-uhh y-yeah" you have also had a huge crush on him, once you started high school, and you started to feel things towards guys, but since you were best friends, you just tried pushing those feelings aside, not wanting to ruin your friendship. "Sooo", he turns you around to face him, both of your bodies still pressed together, "why not?" You looked down and his face was just a few inches away from yours. You could feel your face getting even redder "Are you uncomfortable?" He asks, backing a way a little bit "I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to." Oh but he couldn't even begin to imagine what you wanted Namjoon to do to you, and what you wanted to do for him. When you felt him back off a little you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. "No, I'm fine, just nervous, like I said, this is the first time I've been like this with a guy." Namjoon smirked and pulled you back in tighter "it will be okay, let's just start off slow" and as soon as he said that he lifted you up and carried you to the teachers desk, sitting you on top of it.


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