Common Short Phrases Heard In K-Dramas (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

Here are some common short phrases you will often hear in K-Dramas. I tried my best to convey the tone of the phrases through the pictures at the top of each card. For those who watch K-Dramas, you all know what I mean... :P Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) Card 1 - 왜그래? Card 2 - 짜증나. Card 3 - 너 미쳤어?! Card 4 - 어떻게? Card 5 - 죽을래? Card 6 - 진짜?! Card 7 - 안돼... Card 8 - 비켜. Card 9 - 가지마. Card 10 - 가자.

Learning Korean and encouraging others to study with me as well. I also love food, photography, travel, music, dance, and design^^.
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