30 Day Bias Challenge-Day 1

The Bias I will be using is my baby Jimin from BTS. 😍💙 Day one is sunglasses

Look at him. 😍 He is a heart breaker. I love these blue ones on him so much. He can rock anything. Also a throwback to when he had his orange hair (my favorite) this was one of my favorite pictures of the era! Jimin is sweet here.

Thanks for liking guys! Here's my squad Gem In Eye-@AaliyahNewbell@KatiePrihodiko @MrsJungHoseok @Anna5221

Got7. Ateez. SF9. Stray Kids. G-Idle. Blackpink. #Multifandom UB Kim Yugyeom 💕 UB Kim Donghan 💙. UB Wrecker Lee Jaeyoon 💋. I loveeeeeee music in general! Nd im Makala!
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