An Evening with Leo♡

~Wednesday Afternoon~


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"Good job everyone! That's a wrap for today."N, VIXX's leader, announces.

"Oh thank god. I thought we were never going to finish."Ken says while hunched over with has hands on his knees gasping for air.

"I'm coming!"Ravi shouts as he charges towards Ken.

"Huh?" Before Ken even has the time to stand up straight Ravi hops onto Ken's back. "Yeah get off...I...ugh..I don't have any strength."Ken struggles trying to stay standing with Ravi on him.

"Someone get on." Ravi encourages the members.

"Are you insa-OOF"Ken coughs as he feels another members body weight added to Ravi's weight.

"Oooh Ken you're strong."Hongbin says.

"Who's on Ravi?!" Ken shouts still standing.

"Hello." Says a soft voice.

"HYUNG! Get off before we fall."Ken cries.

"No, Leo stay, I'm about to get on."Hongbin says. "Ready!"

"NO!"Ken shouts.

"GO GO!"Ravi cheers.

"Here I come!" Hongbin starts to run but stops before he gets a chance to jump on Leo's back. "Hyung~ why did you get off?"

"Because." Leo simply says before heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?"Hyuk asks.

"To shower."He says then leaves the practice room going to the locker rooms.

~An Hour Later~

"Which one should I buy?"Leo whispers to himself. "They're all pretty but

I don't want to overwhelm her with a bouquet."

"Annyeonghaseyo."The owner of the shop greets as she gets to the front.

"Ye, annyeonghaseyo."Leo politely greets. "Why is this so hard?" He mumbles then bites his lip debating on which flower to get for his special someone.

"Do you need some assistance?"The elderly woman asks.

"Yes please." Leo wraps his hands around the shoulder strap of his messanger bag, anxiously, while still looking at the flowers.

"First off who is it for?" She walks over to Leo and begins to looking at her flowers. "For a girlfriend perhaps?"

"Mm"Leo says as agreeing.

"Do you know what kind of flowers she likes?" Leo shakes his head. "How long have you two been together?"

"1 year and 4 months."Leo says right away.

"And you don't know what she likes?" Leo shakes his head again. "Aigoo~ okay how about you describe her to me."

"Innocent, beautiful fair skin, lovely long hair, and the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen." Leo says still looking at the selection.

"Okay good, good. What do you like about her?"

A smile appears on Leo lips. "I like that she's very intelligent, she loves to read. She's warmhearted. I love how she's always smiling when she's with me which makes me smile. I like how I can talk to her about my struggles and she's always there for me with good advice. I enjoy how she's goofy always trying to get me to smile. She's just...amazing." The elderly woman looks at Leo smiling warmly at him. "Whenever I'm having a gray day just by talking to her I have feel her sunrays make their way to me." Leo clears his throat and scratches the back of his head awkwardly as the woman stares at him.

"I have the perfect flower." She quickly walks back into her shop to only return seconds later. "Here you go." Leo stares at the flower that the woman is holding out. "What?"

"Nothing it's just that's it's...simple."Leo says.

"Ya!" She smacks Leo on the arm. Leo winces and rubs his upper left arm. "Believe it or not your girlfriend is seen as a simple girl to everyone, but you saw her true beauty. Same thing with this daisy; to you it's simple but once you see it's true beauty it's one of a kind." Leo still looks at the daisy questionably. "Just take it she'll love it."

Leo finally accepts the daisy thanking the owner for her time then continues on his way.

"How is this a one of a kind flower?" Leo whispers to himself as he sits on the cement railing of the university stairs. "I can't give this to her. She'll laugh in my face. I'll just buy her a better one; anyways it was free." Leo tosses the flower in the garden behind him as the school's bell chimes.

As students walk out emptying the school they walk by looking at Leo and taking pictures of him. Leo slips on his mask and pulls his hoodie over him. After a short while he lifts up his head when he recognizes the voice of the girl he's been waiting for. He sees her walk past him as she's talking among her friends. He grabs a black hat and another mask out of his bag and walks up to the girl. He lowers his mask so she'll be able to see his face.

"Eunbyul." Leo whispers her name as he walks beside her. She stops walking and turns around to see a figure she did not recognize. He turns to face her and a smile appears on her face.

"Taekwoon." She happily whispers.

Leo frantically turns around when he hears tires screech to a halt. "We have to go." He says. She nods her head slipping her hair into the cap and slipping on the mask. Leo grabs a hold of her wrist and makes a break towards the school away from crowd.

"Wait!" Eunbyul says. Leo turns around to see what happened and sees Eunbyul reaching for something in the garden. It was the daisy. "Okay let's go."She smiles. Leo sighs then pulls her away from the photographers.

Leo stops running not knowing where to go. He places a hand on his chest trying to calm his pounding heart which quickens when he hears the footsteps of the reporters. "Over here." Eunbyul leads Leo around the school. "Man they're fast."Eunbyul laughs.

"Tell me about it."Leo smiles as the couple continue to run away from the school towards the city.

"So what's today's special occasion?"Eunbyul asks as she sits down with a tray.

Leo and Eunbyul had ran all the way to a bus stop taking it into the city to the nearest bust stop by the coffee shop they always go to. Eubyul had ordered lattes for her and Leo with two small pastries.

"What do you mean?" Leo asks setting down his cup.

"Well you came to see me in the middle of the week." Eunbyul puts a slice of banana into her mouth. "You usually come every other weekend, our birthdays, or anniversary."

"Nothing special, I just missed you."Leo smiles then sips his coffee.


"You don't believe me?"Leo laughs .

"No, no I do believe you but I don't know. Feels like you're hiding something." She squints her eyes at Leo trying to see if he spills which causes Leo just to chuckle. "Here try this." Eunbyul cuts a piece of the pastry feeding it to Leo.

Leo wipes the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb then licks the sweet off. "You do know there are napkins." Eunbyul takes a strawberry from Leo's pastry.

"Ya~, you just did that on purpose." Leo says staring at Eunbyul's upper lip which had a tad bit of whip cream from the berry. She tilts her head at Leo as asking what does he mean and he replies by touching his upper lip. Eunbyul crosses her eyes trying to find what Leo is talking about.

"I don't see anything~" Eunbyul pouts grabbing a napkin and wipes her face. "Did I get it?" Leo shakes his head. "Where is it~" A smile starts to appear on Leo's face causing Eunbyul to look at him questionaly. "Are you just messing with me?" Leo nods his head while smiling.

"Eunbyul." Leo's exprection is no longer playful. Eunbyul looks up at him putting her fork down. "Does it bother you still?" Leo avoids eye contact feeling embarrassed. "Does it bother you that we can't be fully in public site?"

"Mmm,"she ponders on the thought, "the first half of our relationship I was a bit bothered by it, but now it no longer bothers me." Leo looks up with a glim of hope. "I realized that even if the public doesn't at least WE know that we're together."

"Me too!" The owner at the cafe waves the couple down from her cashier post.

"And~ of course ajumma."

"Move it a bit to the left." Leo maneuvers the knob following Eunbyul's directions. "A bit more back. Okay. Okay, right there."

Leo pushes the "Grab" button and down goes the claw. It finally reaches the toys and stays there for a couple of seconds. Eunbyul had her hands against the glass staring at the claw with a big smile while Leo was nervously biting his lip. The claw then begins to wheel back in.

"You got it!"Eunbyul jumps with joy. She kneels down to the door hatch waiting for their prize. Slowly the claw moves while jerking causing the toy to wiggle side to side. "Ya, where's my prize." Eunbyul stand up and looks at the claw that was hanging over the empty space where the prize is supposed to be deposited.

"Mian."Leo softly tells Eunbyul who was staring at the glass with an empty expression.

"It's okay."She giggles. "Let's go watch a movie, yes?" Leo nods his head with a smile and slips his mask back on.(AU: Cue music) "And~ we're off!" Eunbyul grabs a hold of Leo's wrist and begins to head for the theater.

Leo looks up when he gets in pace with his girlfriend and is quickly knocked off balance again. He couldn't believe how beautiful Eunbyul looked in the evening summer sun light. She was smiling brightly as she was pulling Leo along running with happiness in their hearts not caring for any odd looks that were thrown at them by the public.

Leo felt as if they were running through time, so fast yet so slowly. He has never felt this light burning in his chest before. He began to wonder is this what it truly feels like to be in love with someone. The feeling that you can face the world together with them. To not be afraid of what tomorrow holds. To live freely, to feel so light as a feather yet as strong as an ox. He loved the way he was feeling that he began to pass Eunbyul and was pulling her behind him now. They continue to run down the busy side walks and stopping momentarily at the crosswalk patiently waiting for the light to just continue to race to where their hearts desire. To be together with no problems to finally be together in peace.

"Why do you get to choose the movie?"Leo asks Eunbyul, who was buying tickets to see Park Chanyeol's new movie. "You don't even know Chinese." Leo points out.

"There's subtitles."She says tapping on the screen to get the tickets.

"But then you'll miss the movie because you'll be trying to read and watch the movie so you will probably end up missing something." Leo tries to change her mind.

"Nope, it's not going to work. We're still watching the movie."Eunbyul taps "Print" tearing out the tickets once they're done printing.

"Okay so according to the tickets its going to be shown in theater 4. C'mon Oppa." Eunbyul reaches out for Leo but does not contact with him. She turns around catching Leo trying to buy a ticket for a different movie. "Oppa~ I already got our tickets." Eunbyul pulls Leo away from the screen dragging him to their showing.

When they walk inside the theater they are ones in there. "See we should just go watch a different movie."

"No this is better. You can watch a movie without worrying about being noticed." Eunbyul takes a seat in the center and pats the seat next to her indicating for Leo to sit. "C'mon you need to relax." Leo succumbs and has a seat next to his girlfriend.

"Smile~" Eunbyul takes a few pictures of her and Leo together keeping them for only her.

"I like that one." Leo points out one of the many that she has taken. "Send it to me please." Leo fixes the photo a bit then saves it has his wallpaper on his phone, once he receives the photo.

(After the movie)

"Oppa," Eunbyul and Leo were walking around the streets of Seoul, while still keeping their identities hidden, when she had the courage to ask her boyfriend a question she's been dying to ask, "can we get couple rings?"

"Couple rings?" Leo asks in his cool hushed tone.

"You don't like the idea of couple rings?"

"I mean I wouldn't be able to wear it so it'd just be you wearing the ring." Leo says as a matter of fact.

"You're right. Never mind." Leo gently tightens his grip on Eunbyul's hand when she sadly looks down.

"Please don't be upset Eunbyul." Leo frowns. "It's just that it'd be hard to explain the ring."

"I understand." She leans her head on Leo's arm as they continue to walk. "Can we go home? I'm getting tired and I still have school tomorrow."

Leo looks at his watch that reads 11:30pm. He walks close to the end of the street hailing for a cab. A cab carefully pulls up letting Leo and Eunbyul hop in.

"Where's Soojin?"Leo asks when they enter Eunbyul's empty dorm room.

"Probably out studying." Eunbyul pulls out her laptop from under her bed then lays down on the bed. "What do you feel like watching?"

"I thought you were tired?" Leo looks at his watch again.

"You know it's hard for me to fall asleep." She reminds him. Leo goes over and lays down with her.

Eunbyul decides just to put a drama on for Leo to watch as she cuddles into his chest not even watching the show herself. "Goodnight, Taekwoon."

"Goodnight." He kisses the top of her head as he wraps his arms around her protectively.

Once Leo hears Eunbyul's heavy breathing he carefully reaches into his pocket pulling out his phone along with something so precious. He gently moves Eunbyul off of him and onto her pillow. He lovingly tucks her in then whispers into her ear kissing her cheek as he finishes the leaves her dorm.

"No more hiding."

(Leo's Instagram/ Twitter Update)

"One year four months have passed already. I'm hoping you stay by my side until the day we pass away." He captions the little collage he made of him and Eunbyul with the center photo a picture he took before he left her room tonight. A photo of him holding Eunbyul's hand with their matching couple rings.

I wrote a mini Leo story. I was in a Leo mood today lol. I bought myself a new laptop (its a Mac😮) yesterday so I'm hoping to be more active than I have been in the past three months. I also bought the permanent Microsoft so I'll be able to type while on the road if I go traveling with my family and I can always just copy and paste from my Word to my Vingle account.

What did you guys think of my little story? Was it good or blah?

I honestly wonder what kind of boyfriend Leo will be. I know he's sort of said it at times but I want to know like how he really is when he dates lol.

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