Let Me Introduce Myself!😜

Hello! I am Ashley.I go by my username @dayashley11.Its boring I know lol I thought I could change later after making my account but I was wrong lol I'm sort of new to Vingle and finally getting the hang of it.I'd love to be welcomed into the KPop Community:)

My Ultimate K Group is BIGBANG! 1:AOMG 2:SHINEE 3:CNBLUE 4:GOT7 5:MONSTA X & Many more😝

My Ultimate Bias.Young Bae😘😍 His eyebrows stay fresh! Im jealous. 1:SIMON D 2:G-DRAGON 3:DOK2-He is my bias list wrecker. 4:JB 5:BABYLON & Many more😝

Hope you all enjoyed my introduction. Please look forward to my future cards! Tag me in anything.Love to see everyone's creativity and be apart of the community.

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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