Fruit Ninja in Real Life is as Ridiculous as You Would Think

Fruit Ninja is a game that is pretty popular with everyone that I know. And by "everyone I know", I mean like 6 people. Alright, fine, maybe like two people. But they constantly talk to me about it. Like, "Hey man, why don't you play Fruit Ninja, it's so much fun! It's so cool!". I always say I haven't played it because I'm an actual Fruit Ninja.

But this morning one of those friends sent me a video of real-life Fruit Ninjas doing Fruit Ninja things and I'm pretty sure that I can't be a real-life Fruit Ninja. Just check out the video below.

that sword is on fireIT'S ON FIRE

Listen, I'm just jealous alright. I'm not a game-Fruit Ninja or a Real Life Fruit Ninja. I'm hardly even a human. I'm a robot who's stiff and sort of angry all the time. Cut me some slack.

i did all that i could.
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