12 Week Transfo

Super excited to share this incredible 12 week transformation that Jeremiah underwent to be show-ready. His coach, Sadik Hadzovic, created his meal plans to get him to this level of shredded.

Clearly, as you can see in the "before" shot at week 1, Jeremiah wasn't new to the gym. His physique was pretty incredible to begin with. From here, it was about reducing body fat.

What I want to stress here, ISN'T a "bad" before and a "good" after. This level of shredded and single-digit body fat percentage IS NOT SUSTAINABLE! Don't look at athletic after photos (when they're getting show-ready) and think that these guys (and gals) look like this year-round. Obviously they don't, which is why they go to extreme measures for shows.

If you follow any show athlete on social media, then you'll see just how quickly many of them put on, what they call "fluffy", weight. They go from 4% body fat to 12%. My aim is to get show-ready here by the end of summer. Not because I am actually entering a show! (GASP!!) I just want to know that I can do it. Just for me.

So all you guys and gals, be your own motivation to live and make healthy choices! Don't let magazine covers or social media hype turn you against yourself. ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND THE JOURNEY!


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