Fictionless Love (A BTS Fanfic)

Hello my fellow readers~ I think this is the quickest I have never released a chapter right after another one! It is because of finals...this is helping me destress for sure! LOL Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter as things finally start to heat up...even if just a little bit XD Have fun~ (Credit to owners!)

Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu fam~Chapter 1Chapter 2


Chapter 3 - Unfair

Pillow barrier my BUTT.Man, me and my stupid habits. I used to sleep with a Jace body pillow all the time and so I must have done that to him.You were asking for it, punk! Huh! Don't test me!Ok he still has time to leave before getting caught.Aish, what did I get myself into?What is he doing?Okay, well...all that just happened. Thank heavens today is my easy day at school since I only have one class. I need to recover some more...I didn't do any homework last night! Crap!Who could it be? My family is always busy at this time of day.StrawberryKIM TAEHYUNG!When the hell did he do this?Dang it, I even saved his butt and this is how he thanks me?Haha, sucker. I got something on you too~Oooo, he doesn't even remember. Mwahaha.I finally have the upper hand on this punk. Maybe I get him and the guys to leave me alone.Do I click it or not? Crap, I have to know.Was this last night? THE HELL IS THIS.Idiot, idiot! Pabo! I can't believe I was talking in my sleep...If that video of me got out I would be ruined. I mean not that I have a reputation to ruin or anything but I definitely do not want people to see me like this!, pros and cons, pros and cons...ummm....Pros... the video doesn't get leaked. I won't be a laughing stock. After one day I can go back to my life peacefully. It is only one day.Cons... I HAVE TO SPEND A DAY WITH 7 GUYS.I think the cons greatly outweigh the pros in this situation but, if that video is leaked of me I am ruined! Instead of people leaving me alone like they do now - which is great by the way - instead I will hear snickering and laughing from people as I walk by them. That is definitely not any better.Damn it...damn it...I am going to get you soon Taehyung...What...did I just...agree to...No! Don't let him or the other guys get to you! They may seem nice but they will just leave you or betray you like they did. You can't be friends with them. Don't even think about Hyun-Ae.Just spend the day with them and then you can ask them to leave you alone. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. And then I can go back into my life of solitude and fiction novels.Hwaiting!

Shoot! I need to do my homework and get ready to go to my class!(A/N): The bolded parts in the song lyrics were ones that I thought applied to Hyun-Ae...just wanted to let you know so it wasn't confusing! Feel free to play the song along with it! :3But why do I still feel like I am in a dream?I'm not used to being like this or saying this.You're Unfair~Stop it~You're Unfair~Just stop right there,You're dangerous, dangerous, take it slow,Oh my~...'


Oh, I forgot he was in this class with me.Yesterday? Yest-oh...that is right. I ran into stupid girl...Ok, hold up a second...processing...processing...processing...ok done. What! He wants to sit by me? think not!Aish...Why me?!?Eww, saying it out loud makes me sound like a nerd.What does he want?I-is there something on my face?No, nothing he just spaced out in my direction or something? Y-yeah that is it.Wow, that boring?I guess it is a good thing I sat in the back otherwise we would have gotten in trouble.I don't want to, but...I haven't eaten out in food or just get hit by the protect me?What just happened and...What is this that I am feeling?


OMO! Hyun-Ae had a lot of things happen to her in this chapter! What will the 'fun' day look like with the seven boys? And what is going to happen between her and Jin?

We shall find out...eventually :3Thanks everyone for reading as always! Seeing all of your likes and comments on these cards give me life and makes me so happy! So I will make sure that this series is the best one yet! XDAlso, if you would like to be added to this taglist let me know as I would love to add you to it! Love you Vingle Fam~Thunder Buddies!:Other fam~:Tagging the fictionists:

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