Korean Slang: 스드메

One of my Korean friends just got married and their wedding photos are stunning! (The photos on this card aren't my friends' lol!)

I asked them how it was and my friend told me about the "new tradition" of "Seu-Deu-Meh"

스 - 스튜디오 (Studio)

(seu) - (seu-too-di-o)

드 - 드레스 (Dress)

(deu) - (deu-re-seu)

메 - 메이크업 (Make Up)

(meh) - (meh-ee-keu-up)

스드메 - The whole process of going to a wedding studio for your hair, make up, and dress to take really high quality wedding photos!

In Korea, weddings are a HUGE business and people spend a tooooon of money on making the day picture perfect.

The newest trend is to get really really dressed up and take "pre-wedding" photos in a studio so that the bride and groom-to-be look like models.

It reminds me of Taeyang's Wedding Dress :3

What do you think of this trend? Would you spend a lot of money on wedding photos in a studio?

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