Innisfree K-Beauty Products!!

Hey guys!

Stefany here. Recently (about a month ago) I ordered and received a package from innisfree containing several face masks, creams, lotions and a cushion that I bought. I would like to share with you my review on these products and recommend some of these for you all to try!

First up!

We have face masks. Ah yes the varying face masks that we can't get enough of. In total I ordered 5 masks. 4 of which were the "it's real squeeze mask sheets" and one of that was the whitening "skin clearing " vitamin C mask. Of the 4 I got the green tea, aloe, bamboo, and black berry. I can honestly say these masks were some of the nicest I've tried! Not only do they leave your skin super soft and clear but they refresh and smell great too! The vitamin C mask had a little too much liquid but other than that I did a pretty good job as well.

Next up!

We have the green tea kits. Now I purchased travel sized of each because I had never tried them before and I thought it would be an effective way to try it. I am absolutely in LOVE with the green tea balancing cream and the serum! Both made my skin the softest it's ever been and brought out a brighter/ more refreshed complexion. The lotion I didn't really enjoy so much because I was using the cream and the lotion wasn't quite as useful but it was still okay.

Finally we have the cushions!

Now before this I hadn't really used cushion foundation before but this was a really good buy for my first time! There are several foundations to choose from ranging from waterproof to brightening to long wear, and they all come in 3 shades. I personally chose the long wear because of my schedule and I chose the natural beige tone. Although I would've like to have chosen the darker shade (since I'm tan) this color with a few corrections matches my skin tone fairly well. It's long lasting is super useful and keeps me covered all day, and the replacement foundation cartridge is a money saver.

Overall I was happy with the results of the products and I recommend you all to try a few of them. Who knows maybe you'll fall in love with them like I did.

Let us know what your favorite beauty products are and what brands are your go to choices!


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