Korean 101: In the End...

Time to learn a really interesting word with the help of BTS and Gary! Woo!

The word is:

어차피 - After all, in the end, anyway


Listen to Jungkook's line at 1:25

니 멋대로 살어...

(ni meot-dae-ro sa-reo...)

Live however you want...

어차피 니 꺼야

(eo-cha-pi ni kkeo-ya)

It’s yours anyway

Or check out this Gary song:

어차피 잘 될 놈

(eo-cha-pi jal dwael nom)

A guy that will do well anyway


What would you do "anyway?"

Like, "screw the haters, I'll listen to Kpop anyway!"

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