W.G.M. We've Got Mishaps II


We all have some sort of secret, right? Some may not hurt others while there are some that may do just that. At times, we can't even consider them secrets because we are unaware of them ourselves. What do they become then? What if we never notice them? Are they ever really secrets? I don't know why I actually gave him my phone number. It was probably because, in the beginning, I thought we could be good friends. It didn't have to be anything serious between the two of us. There was a chance that viewers wouldn't even know the difference. Not with the way he carried himself. As a fan of him myself, I was aware that he held that kind of persona that could make anyone fall for him, regardless of whatever sexuality one was to claim. It doesn’t matter. I shouldn't have given him my number. ‘Why are you texting me at three in the morning…?’ ‘Why are you just answering my messages?’ ‘Oppa… Please, get some sleep.’ ‘I’m taking a break. I'm working.’ ‘Well, then, I'll sleep first… Fighting! Goodnight.’ My phone began to ring not too long after I’d sent the message. I stared at his name as it flashed on my screen. He knew I was awake so there was no such thing as finding a good enough excuse for not answering when I had just sent him a message. Hesitantly, I answered it, my end of the line quiet as I waited for him to speak first. He kept quiet though. I sighed and rubbed at my eyes, trying to figure out where my glasses had fallen after accidentally knocking them from my face. “We should have lunch together here.” “Go to sleep. Please.” “Promise me that you’ll eat lunch with me tomorrow in the cafeteria first.” “Mommy, I can't sleep.” I’d almost thought he hung up but was quickly corrected when I caught ear of his sigh. I waited for him to say something as I brought my son closer, picking him up and cradling him in my arms. I knew why my son was having trouble sleeping. It was nearing the end of the second week of me staying with him, which meant that I would be returning to my dorm to stay with my group members for the next two weeks. He wouldn't be alone, of course, but neither of us liked the time apart. “Bring him.” “I’d rather not. I'm not chancing him being filmed or anything like that…” “Mommy, who’s on the phone?” “No one. No one. Let’s get to sleep, okay?” “I’ll come see you then.” “Wait...No-” “I’ll make sure to bring something good.” He hung up before I could say anything else. I just looked at the phone in awe for a moment before my son was handing me my glasses with the cutest smile. “Is your auntie Ana sleeping?” “She's watching a movie. She can't sleep either. She said...She said she's worried about you, too.” “Why worried?” “Because daddy might-” “-alright, cutie. Looks like you're stuck in mommy's bed.” His smile made me feel better but I could feel myself growing worried, too. I hadn't thought about running into his father in all of this. There was a small chance, if any, from what I could tell, but I would have to be careful. --- I woke up to breakfast in bed. I was ready to thank my son and my best friend that always helped watch over him. Neither face was the one I saw when I woke up. “I… What are you doing here?” Sitting up, I realized my son was no longer laying next to me. I did happen to notice the top of his head peeking into the room before bobbing out of sight. The invader sitting on the edge of my bed looked over his shoulder at the door before looking at me again, that infamous side smirk pulling at his lips. “He and Leanna let me in,” he looked down at the tray, appearing to be much shier than I believed him to be, “I’m guessing that’s your son. He’s shy, huh? He also looks pretty familiar.” I narrowed my eyes, finding my glasses and putting them on. My gaze turned into a bit of an empty, dazed one as my spell of broken sleep was trying to catch up to me. I couldn't bring myself to respond at first before finally shaking my head. “What do you want? How did you even find me?” “I know people.” I could feel myself glaring at him again. At the beginning, I’d felt we had something. A chill and relaxed kind of friendly love. This was getting too out of hand too fast and it felt like I was the only one trying to pull on the brakes. “I want to spend the day with you. No cameras or missions or scripts…” He wasn’t this unnerving in the beginning. I felt like I couldn't trust a single thing he did. The gentle caress to my cheek made me blush and his smile felt taunting, whether it was intentional or not. Just what kind of game was he aiming to play with me? “You came over uninvited to ask me on a date?” “You could say that.” “I’m spending the day with my son. We can't. I appreciate it.” “This is because of Daesung, isn't it?” I knew what he was referring to. I seriously never thought he would be jealous. He was trying hard not to show it, that much I could definitely tell. Daesung had come on the show for one of the recent filmings. He hung out without us and there was a high chance that he’d seen me saying that Daesung had always been the one I had a crush on, and a big one at that. The interviewer had asked me which one I liked more. I couldn't answer and I can only remember laughing nervously. I hadn't seen the episode but I was sure the questions I'd answered about Daesung had aired. “Are you jealous?” He smiled at me and I tried to figure out how to respond. “What if I am jealous?” He leaned in close and I snapped my chopsticks, leaning away and smiling at him. “Thank you for the meal!”

This piece is a bit longer but it's still a bit of a mystery, no? Oh, and there's a kid involved. Can you piece anything together yet? ♡

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