"My Everything" Global Tour - Philippines [07.06.13]

Here's some of the photos from the 'professional' fans of LMH from his concert last night. :D I watched him sing dance and have fun. :") His laugh is really cute! And he sings his songs live! He's really good! :") Filipinos fell in love to him for the nth time! He also said that he loves kare-kare, crispy pata and fishball(filipino foods). He also learned the word "MAGANDA" (beautiful)! :") 11 lucky fans were also given a chance to be with oppa on stage and gave them his gifts. And as a finale, he did BUTT DANCE while singing "Say Yes"! :)) He's totally cute and funy guy! <3 oh well, I really did enjoy the concert but I'm not satisfied for I am not one of those lucky fans to meet him much closer. :(

Lee Min Ho, MY DREAM GUY FOREVER. <3 "A true man is someone who takes responsibility from the beginning til' end." - Gu Jun Pyo (BOF)
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