TRAVEL KOREA - EVERLAND (에버랜드) amusement park!

Marie and I had never been to EVERLAND (에버랜드) amusement park so we decided to go. It was a lot of fun!!! It was great to explore and have fun in a new place that we both had never been to.

Unfortunately, I was unable to record video on the cool rides, like the T Express roller coaster and a few other rides. Those rides did not allow people to bring cameras for safety reasons during the ride.

We had fun, drank lots of beer, ate lots of food and rode all the cool rides! Come check out the video and get a brief video experience of what we did!

Thank you for watching, we really appreciate the support!


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What equipment do we film with?


Sony A7s:

GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition:

Ricoh Theta S (360 video):


Zoom H1 Audio Recorder:

Edutige ETM-001 Microphone:

Edutige ETM-006 Lavalier Mic:

Edutige ETM-008 Unidirectional Mic:

EWS-003 Furry Windscreen:

RODE VideoMic Pro:

---Other Equipment---


(custom built for 4K video editing/rendering):

Zhiyun Z1-Pround Stabilizer

(for GoPro walks):

Zhiyun Z1-Rider 2 Stabilizer

(for GoPro bike rides):

National Geographic Camera Bag:


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