the end of night by Carlos Ashley McMullen

Last night I dreamt of you I was lost in the darkness Wandering aimlessly in the woods The sounds of night terrors And all manner of evil creature Hunting for me Looking to devour me Fear dominated my soul I began to run Fearing for my life All hope lost A dark shadow chasing close behind I fell to the ground and looked back I could feel it's dark presence Coming closer I felt a hand gently rest upon my shoulder And in that moment the shadow stopped A voice whispered in my ear "You're not alone anymore" The sweetest voice I ever heard Brought tears to my eyes As she filled me with hope She stood before me She took my hand and gave me Strength to stand tall and fearlessly She removed the veil from her face So beautiful and so perfect Her eyes so brown and loving Her smile melted my heart "You'll never be alone again" I recognized this angel that stood before me The love of my life The one who rescued me From sorrow and despair My Arcelia My Celi My Amor With my Celi by my side I turned to face my fear The creature ran from the light Our flaming hearts produced I awoke with tears in my eyes And fell to my knees And gave thanks to God For He is the one that put you on my path I love you forever Celi


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