Australia's Gold

Here's an idea. When you're planning the engagement party, be sure to make it a destination style event--to Doughnut Time--in Australia!

You think I'm kidding.@TessStevens knows. #thisbishdonplay Full-on serious-ness!

The confectionery operates 18 locations--only in Australia. At $6 EACH, per doughnut, it's no wonder they've got so many stores. But then again, these must be some DAMN GOOD doughnuts for people to religiously buy a 6-pack for $36!

I mean, look at this picture. A glazed doughnut covered in GOLD LEAF! GAGGING! YES!

I wonder, have you guys tried this place? @mattk95@inplainsight) Any other Aussies on Vingle that I don't know about?!

Have you ever seen so many ridiculously FABULOUS doughnuts before? OMG!!!!!!!



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