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Reasons to visit Hagia Sophia:

- junction of the sacred and the profane

- space that allows the terrestrial to meet the heavenly

- unworldly interior evokes the heavenly kingdom of Jerusalem and creates sanctity on Earth

- basilica is plain on the exterior: Monotone in color and tone, it serves no preparation for what is inside

- represents the crossing of thresholds- the transportation from the normal, mundane, and terrestrial into a heavenly sanction that seems to defy laws of physics in its construction

- architecture of volume and considered something close to that of a miracle at the time it was constructed due to its grandeur and size

- dome appears as though it is suspended from the sky due to the fact that it looks like it lacks architectural support

- Lined with silver on one side, the windows work to reflect the light to the other side, which is lined with gold, absorbing the light. This creates a calibrated illumination that seeps light to different areas of the building and captures the movement of time. Even during the night, artificial illumination by suspended chandeliers creates what is referred to as a Constellation of lights. Throughout the building, light serves to flood the interior with religious meaning- the truth of God.

- At the floor of the church, we can find green bands stretched across the church that resemble rivers, at which people pause to say prayers. The marble appears to laps against the ambo, circling around and creating the notion of water

- Hagia Sophia is a centered holy space that, illuminated by light and decorated with worldly attributes, inscribes heaven onto the physical world, enhancing the religious experience.

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