{WW} bountiful badass babes

Erza is babe 4 life

Touka is something else. She could be kicking your ass and you'd be okay with it.

Anko is so underrated. She's also similar in personality to naruto. Instant connection here.

Levy. Beautiful babe with brains is my favorite type of girl :3

Shirayuki ❤️

There ya go. Get it boi. Tagging@InVinsybll@tbell2@danse@VoidX@hikaymm@neevp@sontyler@tylor619cruz@AimeBolanos@OtakuDemon10@creetheotaku@tayhar18920@ShinigamiSan@Thatperson512@emmajolie@reinsharai@kirik@zephyrblaze@sosoaloraine23@VoidX@jessicaferrier@captpeter@SAMURXAI@BlackoutZJ@kawaiiporpoise

I absolutely love anime to death! Some of my favorites are Tokyo ghoul, naruto, bleach, my little monster, fairy tale, attack on titan, and many more! Hope you guys continue to enjoy the awesome creation that is anime 😀 I'm a Christian and I'm open to chatting so feel free to talk to me!
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