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Heyo, guys! I'm creating stories on Wattpad and if you have the app, follow me@NightcoreOcean This is, of course, for people who loves reading and if some of you guys don't have the app, you could download it, but you won't regret having the app tho especially if you love fanfiction! :3

Hard Yaoi // Killjoy // Otaku // Wattpad Author // Gamer // Coffee Queen // Night Owl // Model // Artist // Roleplayer // Creepypasta obsessed I'm learning the Japanese and Korean language. I often sketch anime characters and I plan on putting my wattpad stories on Webtoon. ~Wattpad books are real books too~ Twitter- @CoffeeQueen100 Wattpad- @ResurrectedHood Instagram: @_resurrected_hood_
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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