Best friends Chapter 4: I love you

NamjoonxReader WARNING: this chapter contains major angst/smut/whatever you want to call it. So if you aren't comfortable with the sex, don't read, but if you are, please enjoy :) By the time you got his shirt off he already got his belt off, sliding off his pants. He climbs onto the desk, his body pressed on top of yours. You wrap your legs around his waist, to where you can feel all of him through his boxers, hot and hard for you. He begins to rub you down there again, making you all wet again and preparing you for what's about to happen next. "Are you ready?" He asks, breaking the kiss. "Mhm" you said through small breaths and whimpers as he is still pleasing you with his fingers Namjoon then pulls out his member and began to go inside of you slowly. "AHh!" You blurted as he started to enter you. It hurt, not a lot, but it was a pain you were not used to. You cover your mouth, trying to be tough. Because despite the pain, it still feels so good. "Are you okay?" He asks, suddenly stopping. You nod your head with your hand still over your mouth. "It's going to be okay, okay?" He says and you nod again. Namjoon removes your hand replaces it with his lips. He starts making out with you, to relax your muscles and then with one swift motion he was fully inside of you. "Mmhph!" You make a noise at the first initial thrust, then he begins a slow rhythm. You wrap your arms around his back and begin to dig your nails into his skin with every thrust he makes. He breaks the kiss and begins to suck on your neck, picking up the pace at the same time. "Uuuhhh" he lets out a low moan near your ear, making you go crazy "Oh fuck." You say "J-Joonie, faster!" He obeys and begins to speed up, letting out more low moans and grunts. You begin to loose your mind again, it felt amazing and adding Namjoon's moaning was making you ten times more turned on. "Shit" he says and he goes faster and harder. You guys were pretty much moving and shaking the whole desk by now. "Ahhh! Namjoon!" You scream as he kept up the pace, not stopping once for anything, which was great for you, because damn it felt so good. "N-Namjoon! I-I'm gonna-AH, cum!" You couldn't hold it in anymore, it was just too much, and you let go. "Uuaghh" as soon as you let go, he pulls out and let's himself go on your stomach, letting a loud moan escape him. As soon as he lets go, he half on top of you and half on the desk. Both of you panting, still trying to recover from what just happened. "Did... Did you enjoy it?" He turns his face towards yours to ask you. "Haha" you let out a small laugh "do you really have to ask?" You both start to laugh tired like. "Hey." He says after you guys were done "I.. I love you.. I have since middle school.." You move your face to where your noses were touching "I love you too" you say and you guys kiss again. After a while of lying on the desk you both get cleaned up and get dressed. You both manage to escape without being detected and run out, hand in hand.

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