#thekpopchallengehs day 5 favorite rookie group

My favorite rookie group is...

Seventeen! I love these previous boys! They're so cute! I adore them! My favorite subunit is...

The vocal unit! They're all so cute and their voices are so nice! Whenever I listen to their voices, it's like I'm laying in a flower bed or in a really soft bed enjoying my favorite candy! They're just so good! I love them! My bias is...

Hong JiSoo or Joshua Hong or Josh Hong or Joshua or Josh or JiSoo Joshua Hong or JiSoo Josh Hong or whatever I like to call him(it's joshiepoo btw)! He just so cute and such a sweetheart! My second bias is...

MinGyu! He's only 4 days younger than me but there's something about him that just attracts me! I love him! My bias creeper is...

Vernon. He's so smooth when he raps, it's just so intoxicating that I just can't get enough of him!

I hope you enjoyed my card carats!

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