Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma!

I recently finished this anime and let me tell you, it is amazing! You can't help but turn away from your screen! Its got your cooking, a slight romance, humor, and even some ecchi all in one anime! If you guys are looking for a good anime that's super suspenseful, and will keep your thoughts on all day I highly suggest this one! It was a pain for me just to go to work and not know what happens in the next episode! The food they make will make you question your own cooking skills, in fact I learned some cooking techniques from this show! Go figure! character development is spot on, every character in this show has their own technique at cooking making every single character different from each other blew my mind how many character they because of that reason in the first place! In all and all please check this Anime out, its character design, and story plot are amazing. Probably going to always be my number one cooking anime! I always know a good anime because I'm sad when its over!

Always looking for anime friends! I'm a writer, compete in mixed martial arts, hoping to rep nw fight scene, in a motorcycle group, anime nerd, and college student
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