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(OMG I WROTE 907 WORDS) Ch.5 Title: Hospital? Sunlee pov. I was woken up to the sound of loud snoring. I Lightly hit jimin chest so he could feel it but also wouldn't wake up from his dream.  I laid in bed for 5 minutes then left to go take shower. When I got up jimin was gone.  So I thought he went to work. So I went to the bedroom and started getting changed once I was done I saw that jimin was watching TV out in the living room. I slowly came out and tap on him. He jumped and flipped me over and i landed on top of him. He asked me Why did you scare me huh(in a cute way) Because i want to you said and stuck ur tongue out and ran to the bathroom. Jimin pov. Omg why is she always running to the bathroom she could of ran to the bedroom or something but nooo she wanted to run to the bathroom. About an hour pass and we were siting on the couch watching tv. Sunlee phone started ring and i saw jype she put the call on speaker so i can hear too. Jyp said for her to come back to work bc she got to record some of her new songs for her new album called "Ripped". She said okay since she could argue with the ceo. Later on that day sunlee had left to her company and i was at home. I heard my phone ring and i ran to it. I had left my phone in the kitchen because i had to make something for me to eat. So i looked at my caller and it was Kiyong. I picked it up and put her on speaker. What do you want kiyong! Oppa i miss you take me back please i swear ill never cheat on you again. Hell no! I'm not going to take you back. Plus i got a new girl she loves me more then you did. So bye kiyong. I hung up on her so she wouldn't say anything. Soon i got a call from a random number. I picked up the call. This person said that sunlee has been in the hospital for 2 hours now she's going to go under surgery. I was shocked i knew that this wasn't a fan. I asked what hospital she is at and they said she was at the _________ hospital. I said okay and hung up. I was shocked but scared i didn't want to lose her. Even though we only met 3 weeks ago. Couple minutes later i arrive at the hospital. I ran to the person at the table and asked how is sunlee. She said she still in the e.r for her surgery. Then the lady said are you her guardian or are you a family member. I responded I'm her husband. The lady said okay and put me in the waiting room. While in the waiting room i decided to call sunlee parents. I called her mom and she picked up with a hello my son in law. I told her that sunlee was in the hospital and she wanted to come over to the hospital right away but i told her that sunlee will be okay no need to come. Plus it was 10:30 at night. Like women dont come here it's a scary place at night! $he said okay and hung up. Soon 10 minutes went pass and she came out. They place her in her room and the doctor told me that they were really close to losing her but she's okay she just has to rest. I said okay and thanked the doctor for his hard work. I walked in their and saw that she was sleep really peacefully. I couldn't help it but to cry a little.  When i reached the bed i sat on the bed looking chair and held her hand. I turn on the t.v. so i wouldn't get bored. About a couple minutes later i feel asleep. Sunlee pov. (how she got in the hospital) *Flash back* I just got out the company and i was in my car. I was heading back home to see if jimin was okay. Since i told him to watch the house. I was only 3 miles away until i stopped at a red light this girl that looked like kiyong pulled out a gun and shot it at my car and hit me near my heart. I seen her walk pass with a smirk on her face. I started to feel cold and tired so i ended up closing my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw a place that looks very beautiful. I thought to myself and said im i in heaven? Then i seen a girl with wings shocked she said oh my dear you shouldn't be here its not your time yet. I said okay how do i go back to earth she said for me to take this path down. While taking this path i looked around and saw how beautiful it was its was very white and filled with flowers. Soon i saw this door and entered. I saw myself in a hospital with jimin holding my hand i walked closer to my body and i felt this thing sucking me in my body. *End of flashback*

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