2NE1 Falling in Love[MV]~~ <3

The QUEENS are Back with a New Hit Song with a Reggae Touch!!! Can't get over Dara's blond Hair, Minzy's Awesome Dancing, CL's Great Rapping and of course BOM's Beautiful Voice~~ DAEBAK!!!! PLUS.... the Double-Hotness-Combo... Hong Jong-Hyeon & Lee Soo Hyuk!!!!!!!!! jhfjhnkjgnkdlnbdnb >_< *Mental Break Down* **PS,Don't forget to include #FallingInLoveWith2NE1 #2NE1 in your tweets to help with Inkigayo ranking!

안녕하세요~~ ^.^ Interested in Korean Culture~ ^.^ TripleS / VIP / BlackJack 만나서반갑습니다~~ ^_^ Just gotta Love MOROCCO & KOREA~~
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