Betty Dodson And freedom to love yourself

Starting life as a fashion designer in the 50s She went on to become a prolific artist and campaigner for womens sexual freedom.

Since the 80s been producing videos, and recently along with

Carlin Ross she has been creating a series of YouTube videos.

She went on to write a number of influencing books and website (see below) about the female and male body, sexual pleasure and control, and started doing workshops for people to understand and enjoy there sexuality in a guilt free way.

So, I laugh.., half time dad, half time just simple man, trying not to be a predator loving veg* and dance... Europe time zones are nasty things that get under your skin and wake you up far too early, it just needs saying, I could do with more relaxed time, and a candle in the window, a cup of green tea, and a hug on the rug, next to a warm wood burning fire...
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