Chained Up (Vixx FanFic)

Chapter 2 ************* I woke up in a dungeon type room with a small window that let in the sunset sky. I could smell the dust and the mold that mixed in the air. My arms were hanging above my head. Looking up I saw rusty old chains that cuffed around my wrist. I coughed into my shoulder as I tried to pull my hands from the cuffs "Ahh" I said as the pain shoots through my wrist. It was no use for me to try anymore. I sighed to show a sign of giving up. As I sat there on the hard cold floor for hours, visited by every creepy crawling living thing and watching the sun set to night, I finally heard locks from a thick wooden door unlock and open. Hearing the foot steps come closer made my heart beat fast. I knew that I was probably going to die tonight. "You look awful sitting there" a soft voice said. I looked towards where the voice came from and saw a tall yellow blonde guy standing on the other side of the cell bars. "Thank you captain obvious" I said with sarcasm dripping from my words. I saw that his eyes flashed red as he opened the cell door and walked towards me. "If I was you, I would show some respect to one of your Masters" he said a he kneeled behind me and wrapped a hand aound my neck. "I may not be N but I never hold back" is soft whisper sent chills down my spin and had my skin crawling as I started to gasp for air. I was tugging my cuffed hands as I struggled to get my hands lose so I could pray his hand off of my neck. After a few minutes he let go and I gasped for air. I coughed and took in deep breathes. He stepped in front of me and looked me in the eyes. "Anything else you want to say, slave?" He asked as I shook my head. His glaze harden as he raised his hand and slapped me across the face. "Use your fucking words, slave" he said. My cheek was swollen, red and stinged from the impact. I swolled the lump in my throat as I held back the tears. I looked at him in the eyes and with a steady voice. "No I don't" I said to him. His face showed no expression. "You don't what?" He asked. I was confused to what he was talking about but then I remembered him telling me to respect my Masters. "No I don't have anything else to say, Master" I said as every word that came out of my mouth tasted like vinegar. He gave me a blank stare and nod. It wasn't long until someone else walked in the dungeon. "Leo, what's taking so long? N is very impatient and wants to see the girl." A guy with black hair and good look said to who I assumed was the guy infront of me. "I'm coming" he told the guy as he unlocked the cuffs and pulled me up to my feet.

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Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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