Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab - Chicago, IL

When people talk about steak in Chicago, they mention the standard fare: Morton's, Gibsons, Chicago Chop House (haven't been there since an awful experience there in 2008), David Burkes, etc. Those are all excellent (with the exception of Chop House), but a place lesser known for their steaks yet just as good is Joe's. Get their dry-aged bone-in fillet (in the top left picture): slightly charred and full of flavor. They do nothing fancy with their meat; it's just good beef prepared right, which is what all "Steakhouses" should have. Joe's is more famous for their stone crab claws (top right picture), and those little things are indeed delicious. Apparently environmentally friendly too, as Joe's just "harvests" the claws and release the crabs back into the ocean, where they re-grow their claws. However, the claws cost their weight in gold, as delectable as they are, I would need a fortune for me to fill me up on those crab claws. p.s. Sorry about the weird sister took the photos and "compiled" them :$

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