Jungkook Imagine- It's Complicated pt12

Quick note: this is set about 5 years after the last part. Also- warning of intimacy and bad language

It had been 5 years since your group's debut and you were quite content with your life. Your group had multiple awards, a massive loyal fandom and overall amazing support. Even better, you had an amazing boyfriend by your side. There were rumours (as there normally was) about if the two of you would get engaged. You had denied them but in all honesty, it was unlikely, there were so many doubts. Doubts that you'd stay together, doubts that he still loved you after this long and the worry that you had feelings for someone else. You were standing at the airport waiting for your bags. You had just come back from your first holiday away with your boyfriend- just you and him. It was quite quiet until arms rapped around your waist - it brought back so many memories. You turned around to have brown bangs in your face. They tickled your nose lightly. Once you swept them from your face, the owner of them was stood in front of you. None other than Park Jimin, your boyfriend.

~side track~ You may ask yourself how the hell this happened. It was pretty simple really. After the night you first returned home from debuting, Jimin confessed to you that he was still in love with you. It may have taken a couple of weeks but you came to grips that you felt the same. You told Kookie about it but he didn't take it well - it wasn't your fault, you didn't know he was drunk when you told him. Jimin took you away from Kookie and so you and Jungkook were just friends now. You and Jimin had been together for around 5 years but there was always Jungkook in the back of your mind. No matter what you and Jimin did... Whether it was just chilling or having sex, he was always on your mind - you couldn't help it. ~end of side track~

"Why so sad princess?" You had enjoyed the time away but what made you sad was the thought that you had to come back to reality. Back to promotions, interviews, work and tension from Jungkook. "I didn't want to leave!" You stated. "Neither did I but we couldn't stay there forever, how ever much we both wanted to" You pouted. He sniggered at your expression and lightly kissed you. Jimin had gone off to ask someone for a lift from the airport and that thought came to the front of your mind. "So who's giving us a lift home then?" (You and Jimin didn't have a home together but you considered your room in the 4Motion dorm as your shared home, considering he was there most of the time) He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, "Taehyung is!" Ever since Tae got his driver's license he's gone crazy wanting to give everyone lifts. All he seems to talk about in his spare time is his car. You stepped out and saw his car pull up. Jimin took your bags and told you to get in the back. You opened the door and slid in. It wasn't until you clicked your seatbelt in that you realised who was sat next to you. Jungkook.

Jimin of course chose to get in the front and unfortunately, there was a small wall between the back seats and the front seats. This was Tae's taxi car! "Hey!" He said, trying to break the silence. "Hey. Ur... Didn't expect you to be here!" "No... Well I thought I'd say hi after your little holiday" 'Little holiday'? It almost sounded biter the way he said it. He had always wanted to go to England. Instead, you took Jimin with you and saw all of the things Kookie wanted to see. "Jungkook..." You started but he took your hand in his. You just watched as his thumb skimmed over your skin. "Look Y/N I- I know you love Jimin but just tell me... What did he do that I didn't?" He looked upset. He'd waited 5 years to say this? Well, he was certainly patient. "I- I don't know. I mean he was my first kiss and he..." You stopped yourself. You hadn't told him. How could you forget that you still hadn't told him, you didn't think that it mattered but then you two weren't dating so there was no need. "You... I thought I was..." He was at a loss for words, so we're you.

You two sat there in silence for about two minutes. That was until his hand detached itself from yours and he twisted your chin so that you were facing him. All of a sudden, he was kissing you. It felt nice but wrong. Jimin was in the front of the car and who knew how much longer the journey would be. Except this wasn't your main worry - you did nothing to stop him. There it was again... The doubt. The doubt that you'd be able to resist it if Jungkook did something like this and to your dismay you couldn't. You both shifted to the middle of the seats and the kiss became heated. After what felt like forever, you moved your lips away from his and spoke. "Kookie I.. We can't do this, they can probably hear" He sighed well it sounded more like moaning, "I haven't heard you call me that in aaaaaaages. Anyway, they can't hear so don't worry princess" He was mimicking Jimin now. Did he think that he could replace him? "Ok but tell me something Y/N.." The anticipation built up, what was he going to say? "...was he better than me?"

You were confused at first by what he meant. Then it hit you. He meant sex wise. You blushed, this wasn't something you were eagerly prepared to talk to him about. You pushed your lips tightly together, he could see that you weren't going to answer. His actions became more hostile... His hand rested on your thigh and slowly slid upwards. "Are you going to answer me or am I going to have to force it out of you?" You weren't going to admit it but you liked his touch. It felt good. "K-k-Kookie, if I-I-I don't want it, it's rape" He smirked and chuckled to himself, "I know you Y/N, it's not rape" Everything he said was very suggestive. "So, am i better than him or not?" You were on a high now, his touch sending shivers through your whole body. By this point, you had forgotten that you were going out with Jimin, the only thing you could remember about him was that you two had sex - that was only because Kookie was questioning you about it. He twisted your whole body so that you completely faced him. He lifted your legs up so that your thighs were rested on his lap, your feet dangling behind him. "No" you finally replied. You couldn't bare anymore of this, get it over and done with. "No what?" He asked. "No he isn't better than you" He smirked, those were the exact words that he wanted to hear. You didn't know whether it was the heat of the moment or the truth but at that moment all you could think about was getting Jungkook back under your skin.

Jimin's POV: I knew. I knew that Y/N didn't fully love me. That's why I hadn't proposed by now. I would've done except for how she acted. I'd stay awake from time to time listening to her sleeping and on multiple occasions she would speak. She'd say his name. "Jungkook" "Kookie" or "I'm sorry Kookie please" were frequent phrases. Even when they had sex, she would fumble on her words. I could've sworn that I heard her say the start of Jungkook's name instead of mine. It would be a casual slip. "Je-min" she'd say. I knew that she was going to say "Jeon". So I wasn't surprised when they got out the back of Tae's car and said they'd just chat out their differences for a while. Y/N's face was flustered. To me, it was obvious that they weren't just talking, they had sex. They had sex while the rest of the boys and I were in the BigHit practising building. They were at our dorm, I just knew it. Jungkook had slithered his way back into her heart. She wasn't mine anymore. I still doubt that she ever was mine

Your POV: You were sat at the side of the bed with your legs dangling over the edge. You looked back and saw Kookie on his side sleeping. He worked hard, he deserved a sleep. There you were sitting in his shirt which looked like a dress on you. You began to play with his hair and took a peek at the clock by the bed. 15:40. You'd been back with BTS for half an hour now ... More like you'd been with Jungkook in his room for half an hour. Your eyes widened. You started to shake his awake but he wouldn't budge. You got on top of him, your legs either side of his body and you carried on trying to wake him up. Eventually, he groaned slightly. "Kookie, Kookie! Wake up please!" His deep voice took you back slightly, "wh- Y/N why?" "It's been half an hour since we left them we need to get back! I- I - OMG JIMIN!" You stopped in thought. You were with Jimin, he was your boyfriend. The boy who was currently facing you wasn't your boyfriend, he was your ex. What were you thinking? Jungkook was still lying down so you dragging him by his shoulders so that he was sitting upright. It was a violent gesture but you were now livid. Jungkook had allowed you to do this, he convinced you. It didn't matter that you had agreed, what mattered was that Jimin would be absolutely livid - more so than you were.

This feeling of anger took you back to when Jungkook found out you liked Jimin and that you were dumping him for his close friend. The smell of alcohol was not obvious to you. "Ur.. Kookie.. I'm really sorry but I think I have feelings for someone else" His face soon turned sour and he began to shout, "Who? WHICH BASTARD WOULD DARE TO TAKE YOU FROM ME?" You shuddered as he closed the distance between you two, "you're misunderstanding babe, I don't think that..." "SO IT'S YOU THAT DOESN'T WANT TO STAY WITH ME! I FUCKING WAITED FOR YOU WHILE YOU WERE AWAY. WHO IS IT THEN?" He hit the wall not far from where your head was. "J-j-.." "WHO Y/N?" He held you tightly now, your sides began to hurt. "Jimin!" You shouted back. You could hardly believe how one word could turn him into a monster. He found the nearest glass item and chucked it towards you. It didn't hit you but it wasn't far off. He then screamed at the top of his lungs. He began to punch practically everything until he was stood an inch from your face. "You sicken me!" Tears fell from your face, you could now smell the beer. He shoved you with quite some force and you fell on the floor. He stood over you and looked down to you, "you are nothing but a worthless slut!"

You weren't going to be that mean to him especially since he wasn't being his normal self when he had hurt you. "Listen Kookie. I'm.. S-sorry but I'm meant to be with Jimin." He had an unusual smirk on his face, "that's not what you were saying 5 minutes ago" You signed and rolled your eyes. This wasn't the time for fun and games. "That's it. We've got to get back to them and I've got to get out of your shirt before Jimin sees." You were about to lift it off over your head but he spoke up, "well I'm not complaining" By the time you were changed, it was now 15:50. You rushed into the practise rooms to face BTS practising one of their older songs, Dope. For a while you just watched as they skipped out Jungkook's part. The boys did this often, going over their old dances. Once Jungkook was by your side, the group stopped dancing and turned to face the pair of you. "How long does it take to have a talk?" Yoongi asked. You were surprised that it wasn't Jimin who spoke up first but he seemed to be keeping his lips shut. "It took a while for us to stop shouting at one another!" You stated. "But half an hour?" Tae now spoke. It was like they were turning on you and your only defence was Kookie. You walked over to Jimin while the rest of the boys remained silent. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you hugged him and whispered into his ear, "sorry for the wait babe" He faked a smile and finally hugged you back. "Shouting huh?" He spoke gently into you ear, he was certainly keeping his cool. You nodded, "yeah, I wish you'd have been there to help me out"

Jimin's POV: Yeah. She wished I should have been there. To what? See how she was cheating on me. I sighed. Maybe they had just been talking but I sure wasn't going to confront her about it in front of the boys. Except, I couldn't claim her back, I couldn't have sex with her. Nothing would claim her as mine once more. I was even thinking of proposing but it wasn't like she'd willingly say yes. I tried to test if I could once. I was going to have a beer when it was accidentally spilt on me. I took it upon myself to see what she'd say. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. But what did she say, "no, Jimin you're drunk, you know that when you're drunk you make stupid mistakes, I can't" She assumed I was drunk but I wasn't, I was 100% sober. That's when I knew. I knew that she still liked Jungkook. That she still had some attachment to him. Yet, he had mistreated her. I was often told the story of how he found out that Y/N was leaving him for me. He was drunk and abusive yet she still loved him. Even through his imperfections, she still loves him. I may have been her first kiss but he was her first true love.

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