Okay. I'm going to get real and have a rant. Even if no one see this.If you don't like a group don't fucking listen to them. Period. Why are you going to bash them it's stupid and show how immuniture you are.I'm so sick of any Kpop group getting hate even if I don't like that group myself. They have worked hard to get were they are at.And you hating for no reason just show everyone that you want attention I'm sick of all the bull shit.So what if this group is better so what if they can't dance great they are trying and that a hell of a lot more than you are.It piss me off that people are trying to bring some groups down. They are still human beings they have fucking feeling#Stopthekpophate2k16 right now Kpop is about enjoying your favorite group/s and watching them grow. Show some god damn respect. The first picture is how the fandom should be and some are which I love but others need to get over themselves real quick.

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