Lil Kpopper Bday 😍


Well look how time went by... i remember when she was sooo tiny. And in my arms.

Everyone today is my Daughter's 8th Birthday.

Being a Mom at 16 was a hard expiernce. But a blessing. My heart never opened so big till she came into my life. Holding her and watching her grow day by day... is precious. Its a mothers gift to see her chilfren smile.

But she is also a huge kpop fan... trust me!!!!!! She loves Big Bang. Let me tell you how much.


She always tends to smile so big when she see's him on screen. So i ask her.. "Why you like GD?" This is her answer: "Ma, its GD. Who doesnt like him. He us very sweet and caring!" Ok i give her credit there. it is true!!!


Theres something about him. When i ask her the same question... she got all red. "Mommy, Taeyang is well very cute." Then she quickly giggled. uh oh


She has seen all his movies.... well beside Tazza 2. Cuz of some certain scenes. "TOP is handsome ma... He is very cool too. Like have you seen him fight. But why must he died? Thays what i hate about his movies. But he can spit when he sings!!" I died... xD


She definitely loves him. She calls him by his name when other ask him. But when she is alone... She says Panda. Same question i asked.... "Panda is too cute. but why he is soo dumb?" I swear.... i frozee!!! xD


She enjoys him. She laughs and enjoys his funny moments. "Daesung is a dork. Like real dork. How was he made? But i like him. He will be a great brother." Well .... i dont blame the dork side.. xD

Now it was time for me know her realllll Ultimate Bias. "Who is your Bias.. Like who do you love the mosttttt out of all Big Bang!?" She looks at me like WTF xD Then she smiles and giggled.. "Taeyang!! He is veryy fine ma!" So Taeyang..... be careful. I do have a shoot gun. NAH!!! Jk.... (click)

A special day for this beautiful Girl. ohhh... yaaaa... i forgot hahahahaha her name is Jaylin. (whoops) xD

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