DBS: Golden Household


Hellllooo fam! Remember how we used to play house when we were kids? How about we take it up a notch and see what it would be like to be a married couple with Kookie!

Are you ready Mrs. Jeon??

Home is where the heart is <3

I mean the boys

Bedroom and entertainment rooms

Turn up!bit

Abs are made in the kitchen

and yes, you do have jams in the pantry *cough*Jimin *cough*

Let's talk kids~

Now you love your man so of course you both want children. After some discussion you both decide that two or three would make a comfy number for your new family. Knowing both of you make good money and are ready for the journey of parenthood. Your first happened to be a boy and he couldn't be happier! He has so much to teach his little man and about two years later you have your second child, a baby girl! You teach her about books and are so excited to share so much with her and your boy. Each have their own rooms and are decorated. You dress both of them stylishly and comfy so they can move around and play.


Power couple!



I hope you guys liked it > <

As always you can let me know if you'd like to be tagged and you can follow my collections! See y'all next time

*Side note: also realized i had two tag lists saved for some reason?? so sorry if some of you haven't gotten tagged!!*

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