Top 10 Biases (Male Edition)


This is a list of my top 10 biases for boy groups ❤ This is in no particular order.

Min Yoongi (Suga) | BTS

Bambam (Kunpimook Bhukwal) | Got7

Joshua (Hong Jisoo) | Seventeen

Park Chanyeol | EXO

Key (Kim Kibum) | SHINee

B-Bomb (Lee Minhyuk) | Block B

Yoo Youngjae | B.A.P

Ten (Chittaphon Leechaiyaporknul) | NCT

Ken (Lee Jaehwan) | VIXX

Kim Jinwoo | Winner

My name is Toshii and I'm just a smol, gay 19year old who really likes k-pop and anime.
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