100 Days of Anime, 4: Fav Female Character Ever

SheeleAkame Ga Kill!

I immediately connected with this character. She's a bit of an airhead and a klutz, but she is very caring. She is super sweet, but also has a darkness inside. She kind of stumbles around life, trying her best, but she has difficulty finding her place in the world. When Tatsumi joins Night Raid, she finds her purpose comforting him as he mourns the loss of his dear friends. It doesn't hurt that I'm a total purple girl! I don't wanna say too much more about Sheele for fear of letting loose a spoiler.

Honorable Mentions

Thats right! Of course I have a handful of other fantastic ladies I'd like to highlight!

Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

Shiro is completely adorable, yet also completely terrifying and insane! It's a shame that Deadman Wonderland was never renewed for a season 2; it was really going somewhere, but then was hastily wrapped up, even though it clearly wasn't supposed to end like that. I've definitely gotta check out the manga for this one!


Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood)

Ed's childhood friend and expert automail mechanic (not to mention soulmate), Winry Rockbell is bad ass. She puts up with the Elric boys more than anyone and doesn't take any shit. She's a total geek and, I think, a great role model for young girls out there.


Seras Victoria (Hellsing/Ultimate)

Another adorable bad ass (can you tell I love that combination?), this police girl found herself in the middle of a vampiric incident and became a hostage. Alucard diffused the situation by shooting straight through her to kill the offending vampire. Feeling that she was worthy, he turned her into a vampire and brought her into the fold of the Hellsing organization. She had difficulty accepting her new life as a vampire, but eventually turned into a bad ass. I won't disclose how because you should really check it out yourself! Hellsing, the original series, isn't bad, but I recommend the remake OVA series, Hellsing Ultimate (also Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by Takahata101 on YouTube is pretty awesome!).


Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

The star of everyone's favorite reverse harem, Haruhi cares more about her grades than her appearance. Status quo be damned, in this anime, senpai is the one desperate to be noticed! A commoner among a bunch of rich snobs, Haruhi is super cool and grounded; who wouldn't love her!

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