Super Lovers 🙈💕

So here we go again. I'm back and I've got something to say. I am totally a fan of Super Lovers like 100%. Lol. And im gonna be real rn, I'm kinda getting tired of every body calling Haru a pedophile. I mean I get where they're coming from but , come on ! The Anime/Manga itself is so CUTE💕 , and it's not like Haru is actually trying to rape Ren or something (-.-). Anyways , all negative-ness away, I've actually read the manga way before it turned into an anime so you could imagine how freakin excited I was for the anime! Like Srsly, I was so happy , I couldn't even. But sadly I don't have anyone nearby to share it with so R.I.P 💔, but well watevs . It's also sad they're only releasing 10 episodes and an OVA .

Spoilers Ahead:

when in the latest chapters, I thought it would've been really cool to see that one scene where in the manga Haru started attacking that guy who almost cut Ren. (Also wondering if they'd even be able to say what happened to Ren as a kid , seeing as how little episodes they'll have..) And they'll never introduce Natsu and probably Akira too...💔 sad. Honestly one of my fav manga scenes was when Natsu kissed Haru and Ren's reaction was just ..THE BEST. Also obviously the scene where Ren says he loves Haru after he says he only thought of Haru... When he was watching that porno.... Hehehe... But it was adorbs either way.

Welp. I feel like I've said all I needed to and obviously I wanna hear ya'll thoughts on the matter.

Tell me your opinions in the comment section below and 'til next time .


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