A Few OOTD's + Happy Mother's Day!

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and social media has given me an outlet to share my personal style. Fashion has given me a sense of self-empowerment and I can't thank my mom enough for always making sure I was well-dressed until I was able to make outfit choices on my own. As soon as I was able to pick out my own clothes, she let me be who I am-- odd fashion choices and all :) Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Top - Nordstrom

Shorts - Zara

Blazer and shorts - Missguided

Sandals - Forever 21

Top - Brandy Melville Jeans - Zara Boots - Forever 21

Jacket - The North Face

T-shirt - Visceral

Flannel - Forever 21

Jeans - American Eagle

Jumpsuit - Forever 21

Necklace - Charlotte Russe

Heels - Cathy Jean

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