can you face the truth?

factory farming     Factory farming is a cruel way of getting food to the plate and in the mouth of humans. Factory farming makes up more than half of the U.S food production. Factory farms include animals that are raised in extreme confinement. These animals get brutally beaten and slaughtered. Before they’re even killed, they’re usually drugged with antibiotics so they grow unnaturally fast and big. If they aren’t growing fast enough, they’re brutally beaten to death. Pigs for example, if a pig isn’t growing fast enough , people usually pull out their genetalia and their bodies get smacked on the ground and their necks sliced so their blood drains out. These animals such as pigs, chickens, cows, horses and baby chickens, are living in unsanitary conditions, and are being murdered. Why? Because of their meat. If you eat meat you eat murder.

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