I Am In Love (Song of the Day)

This song is literally amazing!!! If you haven't heard it, then you should. You will fall in love with it. Station is probably the best thing that SM has done.

I didn't expect Amber to sing in this song. Not that I'm complaining though. Her voice is so pretty. Amber and Luna look so amazing in the MV.

This song kind of reminded me of Zedd, I don't know if I would call it EDM, but nonetheless, this song blew me away. And the DJ, R3hab is freaking awesome. I'll definitely be finding out more about him.

Anyways, this song is a very fun, upbeat, song that is perfect for dancing to. Please check out this video and support Amber, Luna, and R3hab.


RIP Kim Jonghyun. You did well ❤ April 8, 1990- December 18, 2017
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