The One They Call Crazy Chapter 11

So, I've been dead for god knows how long... and I felt really bad.. (I almost lost this story.. so yeah.. hurray! not gone!) But yeah, I'll really try to update soon after this is put on here

We both continued to walk and laughed at the same time. "You know, your the first person who's made me laugh this hard before." I giggled. "Really? I thought you absolutely despised talking to me." He said with a sarcastic tone. "Yeah yeah, whatever... Just go buy me my cotton candy already." I playfully punched him. He walked over to the stand while I scouted out a table. The amusement park wasn't all that crowded, so finding a table wasn't too hard. In fact, there was a nice little table under a tree, perfect for two people to have a nice talk. I sat down and tapped my fingers on the table. It was a glossed over marble table, don't see many of those at parks; you mostly see like, cement tables. "Ah excuse me, miss?" I lady tapped my sholder. I turned around to see a middle aged looking woman smiling at me. "Yes...?" "I'd like to know, do you know that young gentleman over there?" She pointed her finger towards Namjoon. I looked at him for a long while, debating whether or not to say I know him. "Yeah, he's my... my friend." I mumbled. "Oh, really? That's too bad, I thought that he was your boyfriend. You two look like such a great couple. I'm sorry for troubling you though. I was just going to give you two some couple tickets for the ride over there." She bowed then walked off. I looked at Namjoon, then in the direction that the lady was pointing in. My face turned a bright shade of red. I can't possibly like him! I mean, look at him, sure he's a little clumsy  (okay, he's very clumsy..), but he has a lot of great qualities... "Hey! I'm back! Here's your cotton candy." He smiled as he handed it to me. "Ah thanks..." I scooted over so he could sit down.  I started to pick at the cotton, taking little bites out here and there, fidgeting with my legs. "Is something wrong Hyeon? You seemed bothered by something." He asked. I shifted my feet and looked up to the sky. "Well... um, I guess I just want to ask you something, if that's okay.." "Yeah, sure!" Namjoon hesitated. "D-do you like anyone at school...?" "What?" "...nevermind. It was a stupid question." I threw the cone that held all the cotton candy together and walked off, not looking back to see of he was following me. " Um... well I've only been here for a week.. so um... I don't think I like anybody." He stumbled over his words. I sighed out of relief and let out a small laugh. Though, I don't know why. "I was just curious, that all. Thank for answering my stupid questions. "Do you like anyone?" Namjoon asked. "Huh? Um.. no everyone that goes to school are such idiots..." I mumbled. "That's a lie! I know it is! Your face is all red." He laughed. "Maybe because it's an embarrassing question!" I wined. He ruffled my hair as he laughed and walked forward. I sighed while fixing my hair, and stomping up to him. "Well, what do you want to to now? We've gone on all the rides we can, unless you want to go on one of the kids rides." He joked. "Why don't we go to your house then? Just hang out there or something." I suggested. "Shouldn't we go back to school?" "No, that teacher gave us a pass, so we don't have to go back until tomorrow." "I don't have any fancy house or anything, let me just say that much." He said. "That's fine with me. We can just watch TV or something." He grabbed my hand as we started walking out of the park and passed children and adults. We had also walked passed the ride for couples. My face heated up as we passed by it, and Namjoon's grip on my hand tightened only slightly. Funny, how a ride can have such an effect on someone. We waked down the quiet path in the park on the way to Namjoon's house. The walked had been silent, with little conversations here and there, but things also started to get rather... eerie. The park was quite.. too quiet for a park. No birds, no kids, no blowing in the trees; just silence. I squeezed his hand as I slowed down my steps and cautiously looked around. "Is this a safe place to be? I... don't feel good here..." I mumbled. "What do you mean? Because it's quiet? It's always like this."He stated. "Well... it doesn't seem right... it feels a little too quiet for my liking. Is their another way to your house?" I asked. "I'm afraid not this is the only way to get to my house... er, well it's the safest way to my house." He mumbled. I sighed and continued to walk down the slim path, sort of clinging to Namjoon as we walked. "Do you usually walk through that place to get to your house?" "Always do." I hummed at his response. But lest just say.. his house was more than I expected... It looked like a Mansion! A huge gate decorated with vines and colorful flowers. "Wha... this is your house?! It's beautiful! And huge!" "Yeah... well my parents are very good at their jobs.." He laughed. He tapped in his pin to the gate. It buzzed as it slowly opened revealing a spacious lawn. "So much room in here... a child would have so much fun in this open field." "Yeah, I did have fun here as a child. I loved tumbling and just running here." "You've lived here your entire life? We live pretty close to each other actually, just maybe two blocks apart. How come I've never seen you?" I asked. "Oh.. well, I was carefully watched as a child, not really allowed to go leave the house." He scratched his head. "Well, let's go ahead and go inside." I said while pulling his arm. This will be fun.


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