SHINee Fanmeet Chicago was . . . .

So this was at the beginning a couple minutes after they came out. I wish I had kept it on during the concert but I wanted to save my battery!!! Anyway, Key spoke English the whole time!!! fans git to play charades with them!!! Onew and Minho did Ageyo!!! And the fans said Jonghyun English name would be Sexy!! Taemin said he like the performance for Drip Drop cause of the sexy dancing!!!!! I'm planning on doing a video of a summary of the fanmeet on YouTube in a couple days so I'll post it here to share the full summary!!

I drove all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago to see them live!!!

So here is some of the stuff I got from the fanmeet!! The poster, Shinee fanmeet card and balloon was free. There was a group of people outside passing them to everyone. I guess they wanted to make sure if you could not afford to buy anything you don't go home empty handed. The official fanmeet lightstick I bought and reserved a week before the event. They sold out of the lightstick a day after I bought mine. There was also T-shirts and posters but we got there maybe 10 before the warning that they would be starting.

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