Save me Chapter 1: All things fall

JiminxReader (vBe sure to read the intro!v) Chapter 2: Life was great. You had everything you ask for. Health, family, love, success, everything seemed wonderful and like there was nothing that could ruin that for you.. So you thought.. . . . You looked at the phone confused and back up at Jimin "it's my mom... What.. Why would she.." You pick up the phone "Mom? What's wrong?" You pause while she is giving you news that would change your life forever "Okay. I'll be right over." You hang up. Tears star to well up in your eyes and you you look back at Jimin who has a worried expression on his face "I have to go. Now." You put away your food and start to get up "Wait. What? What happened? What's going on?" Jimin was asking you all types of questions that you didn't have time to answer right now, you needed to get your things and go. "N-nothing. I just really have to go." You already let a few tears escape and you had a ball in your chest that just wanted to explode. "Okay? But I'm going with you. At least let me take you. I can't let you drive like this." He insisted as you were going crazy looking for all of your stuff "No! Uh.. No. Y-you stay here. Umm..." You were stuttering so much from holding in your cries and being panicky all at the same time, " just stay h-here and um f-finish your f-food. Okay?" "No! Are you kidding me?! You have to tell me what's going on! I've never seen you like this, so what happened?!" Jimin starts yelling at you, already frustrated that you were frantically going back and fourth running around the room, practically just going around in circles. You didn't know what to do at this point. There was nothing you could do. Finally, you collapse on the floor sobbing, so hard you're coughing and hyperventilating. You hear Jimin get up and run toward you "Babe!" He lifts you onto his lap and holds you tightly to his chest. "No!!" You cry out "Jimin! No! This can't be happening!" You grab onto his shirt, grasping so hard your hands go numb. He begins to rock you back and forth as he runs his fingers through your hair "Shhhhhh, babe, shhhh, it's going to be okay" he comforts you "shhhh" It takes a while of non stop bawling and cursing till you start to slowly calm down. "Babe, please, tell me, what happened." You hear in his voice that he was also crying "please. I want to know so I can help you." You take a few deep breaths before you can begin to speak again "I-it's my... my dad." You pause for a moment before you can continue "he's.. in the" You start crying again "He's dying Jimin!! I have to go see him!" Jimin squeezes you tightly then puts one arm around your back and the other under your legs and lifts you up. "Let's go." He carries you out of the room, outside to the car. He sits you in the passenger seat of the car and says "Wait here. I'll be right back" he runs back inside to grab all of your stuff, the keys and you both head to the hospital.

Jimin already knew which hospital to go to. Your father has had a series of multiple health issues and multiple hospital visits and considering that you were a very small family, you guys were very close. Jimin had pretty much already become a member of the family so he already knew about your fathers condition, and has attended a few hospital visits with your family before, but this is the first time a situation like this has happened. He is a very stubborn man and he wasn't going to let something make him bed ridden for long. So hearing that you dad was in the hospital, in a coma, his organs slowly failing him, just....

It's was about a two hour car ride till you reached the hospital. Jimin was holding your hand the whole time, you were grasping onto him so tightly that your fingertips were white, but you were expressionless on your face. You felt hollow, like there was nothing left, you had cried yourself out back in the dance room. You finally reach the parking lot of the the hospital. Jimin turns to you "Are you ready?" He asks You didn't say anything you just shake you head He sighs "Well... I don't think anyone will ever be ready... But you need to go see him." You turn to him, starring directly into his eyes with your red and puffy ones. The pain you felt couldn't be expressed with words, but he could see it in your eyes. He let a few tears roll down his face, seeing you in pain hurt him more than you could imagine. He was breaking apart on the inside because he knew he couldn't help or take away your pain. "C'mon. Let's go."

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