Advance Braid Styles That Are Worth Trying

Intricate hairstyle is interesting for me and when I see something that I can't figure out I'm more than likely to try it when I get the chance to. The way I do it is watch the tutorial a couple time and try to nail it step by step. If it doesn't work out I'll just improvise and create something similar. Among all the hairstyles I've seen so far these are the ones I find mesmerizing.

1. Layered Braid

The idea of braid-within-braid is played out quite well here. It's actually not as difficult once you break each step down.

2. Mixed Milkmaid Braid

Again, the idea here is combining a series of braid and arrange them together to get this beautiful work!

3. Infinite Braid aka Celtic Knot

If your hair is super soft you will need to use hairspray to get some gritty texture to hold the style together. Otherwise, it can the loop won't stay in place if you run or walk vigorously.

4. Starburst Braid

Starting the braid is probably the most difficult part of this hairstyle but once you get it going the rest is a breeze!

5. Flower Bun

It's probably too difficult to do this on your own hair. Even if you have a front, back and side mirror you will use a lot of arm strength trying to braid the and arrange the sections. So, try this on someone or a wig.

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