Be The Golden Goddess: My Top 10 Picks For Summer Glow


Summer is almost here, and nothing is better than a beautiful glow! This is a top ten list of products I have tried, and found effective for achieving the luminous, glowing look of sun-kissed radiance. Please feel free to comment any tips, tricks or other product suggestions! I'm always eager to try something new! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- main graphic credit Nocturntable @ photobucket. All other images credit to brand and companies.

#1. Clinique - Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator

Retail approx. $26.50 USDhere

#2. MAC - Strobe Cream

Retail approx $33.00 USDhere

#3. Smashbox - L.A. Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Colour

Retail approx $29.00 USDhere

#4. Lancome - Belle De Teint Luminous Bronzer

Retail approx $42.50 USDhere

#5. Smashbox - Baked Fusion Soft Lights

Retail approx. $32.00 USDhere

#6. Cargo - Tinted Moisturizer

Retail approx $34.00 USDhere

#7. The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer

Retail approx $24.00here

#8. Almay - Smart Shade Bronzer

Retail approx $12.00here

#9. L'Oréal - Sublime Bronze


#10. Covergirl - Clean Glow Bronzer

Retail approx $9.00 USDhere

And that is my top ten picks for product glow. Note, there are many other primers and regular skin-care products that can also help with long-term, natural radiance. The products I have listed here are more for occasion, or as needed/wanted use. If you have any loves, hates, or anything at all to share, please do!!! No tags...sorry. I don't have a list. I should...I keep reminding myself to make one, and forgetting.

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