12 Days of EXO- Chanyeol~



You're body was sprawled out around Chanyeols bed as you waited for him to get done with his shower. You sighed and got up and saw the camera in the room. You couldn't believe that you were actually in the Roommate's house at all. At first when Chanyeol told you to come over you thought it was a joke. He shouldn't let you be seen on tv, you got hate already just for being with let alone going into tv and being all lovey dovey. You walked up to the camera and smiles doing a V shape with your hand like Chanyeol taught you. "Hello~ Chanyeol's girlfriend (Y/N)-ah here" You say as you look at yourself through the screen. You look down a little and fix your hair before giving a small pout to the camera. "Why does he take forever~?" You ask cutely. "Its not forever~" You heard Chanyeol sing as he walked up to you. You looked up at him and gave him a small smile. Chanyeol gets closer to the camera and your height so that he could kiss you on the cheek. Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks starting to get hot. Before you knew it Chanyeol was running away from you and down the stairs. You let out a giggle and followed behind him. You ran down the stairs and turned the corner and halted to a stop before you ran someone over. She looked at you and sighed. "Don't run in the house" "Sorry Nana Unnie I'm just trying to get Chanyeol back" Nana looked up at you and smiles "It's ok. There is always a hose in the backyard, just don't let him walk in the house of you use it. Ne?" "NE~ Thank you unnie!" You said and darted out the door to the house. Nana only stood there for a minute and let out a chuckle before going to her room. You went out the door and looked over to see Chanyeol hiding behind a tree. You smiled and went to where the hose was and turned it on and walked over to the tree Chanyeol was at. "This is what you get!" You said as you let the water soak him. But then he turned around and you were shocked. "What did I do? All I did was borrow a jacket from Chanyeol hyung and this is what I get?" "S-sorry Kangjoon Oppa. I thought you were Chanyeol Oppa" You say with a stutter. You let go of the hose to look at Kangjoon. "Do you need a towel?" "No just you getting soaked" He replied with a smirk. You have him a questionable look before you felt water being pushed towards you. "AHH!" You screamed and jumped around to see Chanyeol holding the hose. "oppa~ come here Oppa" you say as you walk closer to him. "Sorry jagi gotta go" He tried to leave but failed once he realised you had a hold of him. He looked at you with frightened eyes "I know your not Kyungsoo but you still are scarier then him?" He tried to crack a joke "I'm his sister of course I am" You were holding onto Chanyeols ear. You heard him whine as he tried to get your grip off his ear "Jagi~ I'm sorry~" You let go and hugged him "I can't stay mad at you" You said as you pressed your lips against his. "Just don't do that again" "ne~" You were then splashed with water since Chanyeol somehow got the hose from behind you without you noticing, or more like he got help from Kangjoon. "WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK. DUCK I MEANT DUCK! CHANYEOL DON'T GET CLOSER. STAHP AHAHA-STA- AHAHA" END

I'm a weird anime and k-pop Lover ^-^... If you ever want to talk with someone I am always open for talks *please note that I am a awkward person* I'm in too many fandoms but I will name a few Exo-L, bana, shawol, vip, army, IGOT7, ELF, BABY, ect you can call me koinii or Sammy. my ultimate bias will forever be (which is Kindda weird since he's not in exo (exo was a group that attached to me when I first got into kpop)) Chanwoo of IKON Dongho you are still lovely even if your married.
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