Woah! High school ready?

I posted a card earlier and there I just said how I was going to my meeting for my high school. In this card I will explain what happened, well how it went. (≧∇≦)/

I like the design of it... but its a lot of paper work I have to fill out, as well as my parents.

TRINIDAD GRAZA EARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL The name of the school I'll be attending for the next 4 long years!

OK so when we got there, we were a little lost but thanks to the maps we found where to sign in and grab our packets. Then, we went to a room where the meeting was held. Basically they introduced the counselors and principal. They seemed nice and funny but... very strict! Then they explained the forms we must fill out and the due dates. Also the uniforms, attendance, classes, college classes, grades ,Consequences of failing,etc. And one important thing is that my summer will be full of meetings and boot camp! Seriously not fun!

A lot... it was a lot!

Then finally that was over and so then the students had to go to a room and the parents to the cafeteria. In the room I just sat with 2 other girls, they were pretty nice. And there we had to create an edmodo account and join the school's group. Then afterwards I met with my parents and there they gave me a date in which I have to turn in my mountain view college application (name of the college, since the high school is part of the college) Then finally we were done! Yassss after so much now we are headed home!

Something really interesting was that over 500 students applied and there were only 100 and some spots... its a miracle I got accepted. I now know I must work really hard in order to graduate and have an associates degree. There were a lot of students and it's kinda cool that a lot of them had friends from their schools that also got accepted, but sad for me since I'm the only one who applied to this school. So I'll be alone (ToT) But there was one girl who was friendly and helped me. Hopefully I'll be able to make friends and talk more since I have history of being the girl that doesn't ever talk. Haha although I know that I will have to be dedicated to school from now on, I still wish to just have a great experience and be able to graduate and be proud of it! So fighting guysss! below are a few pictures I took of the school!

Practicing my photography skills! Jkjk I still need a lot more practice and learning to be a good photographer (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ |__°| *click* tagging 2 really nice vinglers who commented on the card I posted earlier @ sailynn@princessunicorn

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