Metal casting technology of GPMI


Among them is the technology of metal casting products manufactured by means of material poured into the mold as the liquid flows to create products in the mold that shapes the metal material. Mainly to create thousands of different details for many fields such as machinery manufacturing, petroleum, automotive, marine ...


GPMI Company

1. Technology mold fire: This is based on new technology than the traditional method. To cast one product, we need to manufacture products with polyesteron, then put into molds and pour into the dry sand, combined with the vacuum, the mold will be rigid. When pouring the metal into molds Polyesteron fire and hot metal will fill the mold.

2. Technology dry mold: In dry, mold technology if fresh mold is brought about 5pm drying in an oven before pouring is also known as a dry mold.

3. Technology Furan: This is the technological line that Japanese companies will be favored because of sand mixed with furan resin and acid, very good solid mold closes, products with glossy surfaces difficult questions environmental pollution is difficult work because Furan very toxic plastic smell.

4. Technology mold plastic sand: This is new technology for sand processing plant was wrapped one layer of plastic. When producers bring sand mixed with formaldehyde acid, will be cold curing resin sand mold, or the mold sand will be brought heated mold curing resin sand hot.


It can be seen that these are 4 advanced technologies by the Company, Engineering GPMI mistakenly introduced to bring a quality product and apply the pressure as well as the capacity to withstand the impact of all kinds of machinery .

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