[NBA] Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day!

I certainly know Kevin Durant and his mom had the best Mother's Day ever. KD might have been named the MVP of Game 4 of the Western Conference semi-finals between OKC and San Antonio...but we all know who the real MVP was.

KD's Mom.

She definitely was one proud mama that night and below, we have some more proud moms of the NBA!

First up, we have Dwyane Wade and his mom. Wade has been incredible this postseason and his mom has always been there to support him!

Next up, we have LeBron and his mom! We all know that famous story of LeBron's mom getting him a Hummer before he even made it to the NBA because she believed in him so much!

All the opponents may "fear the beard" but there is one person in the world that will always love him with or without his beard. Here is James Harden and his mother!

How must it feel to be the mother of a two-time (and many more to come) NBA MVP? Well you might want to ask Steph Curry's mother that question!

And last but not least,

Paul George and his mother.

Here is an ad dedicated to Paul George and his mother put together to raise stroke awareness. This ad shows how strong Pauletta George was. She inspired her entire family, including Paul George, and overcame her stroke. She was a true inspiration for him.

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