The Boss Fell Asleep At Work... And Then This Happened.

It's one thing to fall asleep on the job. It's another thing if you fall asleep while working at a photo-based tech company - and you're the CEO.

So what happens when you're Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman, and you're documented passed out on the couch by employees with the entire Adobe Creative Suite at their disposal?

Well, if you like a good Photoshop battle, you're going to love what comes next.

Here's Zeev doing his part to protect your gums from gingivitis.

Sorry, Leo. That's not an Oscar at all. That's a gold-toned Zeev.


Are you trying to sleep-dab, Zeev? Is that's what's happening?

Oh, Zeev. This one is just downright sensual.

I'll give you a virtual high five if you know which painting this is.

D'oh! You passed out on the couch again, Zeev?!

Hold me closer, Tiny Zeevster.

Can they wish for a raise, Zeev? Is that okay?

Zeev is clearly the most beautiful of the sleeping beauties.

Here's a little 'Kiss' for you, Sleeping Zeev.

That's probably not a smart place to nap, Zeev.

So do you think who won the Photoshop battle of the sleeping Zeevs?

Let me know in the comments below!

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